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X VPN Premium Apk

تحميل X VPN Premium Apk لأجهزة Android الخاصة بك

يدعم تطبيق X VPN Premium Apk اتصال الإنترنت الوسيط لـ Free Connected Limited. توجد الخوادم في أكثر من 50 موقعًا حول العالم مع ما يقرب من 10000+ مجموعة خوادم للمستخدمين للوصول إلى أسرع سرعة. يوفر X-VPN (MOD Premium) دعمًا مجانيًا لمساعدتك في الحصول على الإنترنت بشكل أكثر أمانًا باستخدام وضع التصفح المتخفي. هل تريد اتصالاً سريعًا ومستقرًا وآمنًا؟ X-VPN هو الخيار المناسب لك مع جميع المعايير المذكورة أعلاه. استهدف كل من يحتاج الوصول إلى الإنترنت. سواء كنت تقرأ الجريدة أو تستمع إلى الموسيقى أو تلعب الألعاب … يقدم التطبيق أفضل تجربة. لا يوجد أي انقطاع أثناء الاستخدام. توفر X-VPN بنية تحتية تمتد عبر القارات حول العالم.

X VPN Premium Apk Additional Information

Application NameX VPN Premium
Application Size25 MB
OS Requirement5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone
X VPN Premium Mod ApkNot
In-app Products
Offered ByFree Connected Limited
Published Date30/06/2021
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Description Of X VPN Premium Apk


X-VPN Premium is the most advanced version. It has unlimited features but the free version. Anywhere, anytime, you can surf the web fast and safely. Even when there are problems with the internet such as broken fiber optic cable X-VPN still ensure speed and stability. The basic mechanism of operation, you will be connected to the network via the IP address on the server of the application. Your real IP will not be public, X-VPN as security layer. Here we learn some of its functions offline.


Kill Switch

To avoid exposing your IP when accessing the internet. This feature automatically disconnects the network when X-VPN is off, ensuring absolute safety for users. Turn on this function because it controls well when the signal goes wrong.

DNS Leak Test

In addition to IP, DNS is also a concern. DNS Leak Test helps check DNS problems while in use. If there is anything it will show you. This is also a consolidation function that helps X-VPN maintain safety.


IP Checker

Is your IP checking support correct with the connected server? All information will be displayed through a separate testing tool extremely accurate. If there are any errors in the use process, please report them immediately. Of course, the probability of such situations is extremely low.

Integrated private web browser

You can use the web browser inside the application instead of other web browser software if you want. X-VPN MOD optimizes everything to make the best internet access. Data and cache you can delete after use. Very convenient and useful, right?


X-VPN MOD Premium – Optimize your internet connection

When choosing a server, X-VPN has three incentive modes, all and streaming. Its purpose is to make it easier for users to find the server they want to live with. In addition to the basic needs, if you want to play games or watch X-VPN videos also have a very good private server. Download X-VPN MOD APK from now on, your internet access is always protected at the highest level.

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