mi Products That You Love To Buy

mi is one of the top gadgets companies which create awesome products and that even at a very competitive price too.

It is a Chinese company formed in the year 2010 by Lei Jun and they have an awesome product line which we will discuss in this post.

They have their products in these different categories SmartPhones, Laptops, Smart Bags, Earphones, and many others and we will see those in this article.

Xiaomi is also one of the few companies who has developed its own mobile phone chips like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei did.

The reason behind their exceptional price is that they do not have a single physical store other than China and recently they opened one in Singapore.

Xiaomi Business Model is so great that they became so popular very quickly and today they have their presence worldwide and also became one of the best gadgets companies.

Let’s start our article and read the whole article you will get to see many great and interesting products.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker

mi bluetooth speaker

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers are one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market. Although they are not the cheapest one in their segment and the reason is because of the quality.

The quality of the sound the speakers are awesome and also they are very compact which makes them very easy to carry anywhere.

You also don’t have to think about battery life. It runs continuously 6 hours and also you can check the battery status from your phone, a great feature that you will not get in many other headphones.

Xiaomi mi Smart Band

mi smart bands

Today people are very conscious of their health and every day new gadgets are invented to keep people healthy and updated about their health.

Smart Bands are one of those gadgets which keep you updated about health and Xiaomi mi smart band is a great option you can go for.

Here are the features which will attract you to buy a mi smart band for the better health of yourself.

You can check the no. of steps you walked and how much calories you have burned.

And you can also set your goals every day and they also inform you about the completion of the goal.

Also, you can connect your band with their app and can analyze or track your sleep activities and health and fitness.

And another great feature included is you can also share the data with your friend and see who does better.

Also, you will not miss any of your important calls as your band will inform you about the calls.

And last but not least they have a great 30 days battery life and also they are water-resistant.

Mi EarPods

mi EarPods

With time new things were invented for the ease of people and back then we were using earphones which had long swires.

But many times the wires get tangled and it was very irritable to remove them and also sometimes get damaged with just a little tension.

So that’s why companies developed EarPods which are wireless and very compact which you can even carry in your pocket.

There are also many advantages of these ear pods like you can share one earphone with your friend and partner and listen to songs or see the movies.

Also with mi EarPods, you can switch one earphone to talk to someone without switching off to the other one.

You will also get a noise-canceling feature with the EarPods which will give you a great experience while listening to music.

They also let you talk without touching your phone as they have their own smart manuals.

Mi Backpack

mi Back Pack

Most people love to travel these days but don’t want to carry those heavy bags and can put all of their stuff.

So here is the mi backpack that will give you a cool look as well as great space where you can put your stuff.

You can also use this backpack according to your users like you can use it for both work and travel.

The backpack is very strong and also water-resistant so you don’t have to think much about the safety of your stuff. They are all safe inside the bag.

It is also very light and has cushions in the back which give you great comfort while travelling for long.

And also one of the best things is you can convert your backpack into a suitcase as they have provided a hidden cart strap.

Mi Power Bank

mo Power Bank

So these days we cannot live for long without the internet or without our devices and that’s why companies are developing devices with long battery life.

But the thing here is they have battery life and they will get exhausted after some time and if we are outside we need something which can charge our devices.

And that’s why companies have developed power banks that store the charge and whenever you need you can charge your device by connecting them with your device.

So let’s see the features of the mi power bank which will make you buy their power bank when you are in need.

With mi power bank you can charge your two devices in one go and also you can charge the bank at the same time.

And also they are very compact. You can easily carry them anywhere which is one of the most important things.

Mi smart shoes

smart shoes

As I already told you, these days people are very conscious about their health and so walking and running is one of the best methods to keep themself healthy.

And good shoes always help you run and walk more as it gives great comfort to your toes.

Xiaomi has developed the mi smart shoes which are highly shock resistant, very durable, and also they are slip-resistant.

They used a fishbone like structure which is a great feature as it highly reduces the chance of sprains.

They provide great suspension for your long run and walk and also for your great forward momentum they provided a solid grip.

Also they provide a great sole for shoes and also shoes are very light and comfortable.

And you can also wash the shoes as they are waterproof.

Mi CCTV Camera

 CCTV Camera

CCTV’s are great for the security of home and office and one person can take care of a large area by fixing CCTV.

Many times many thieves are caught just because of CCTV’s like in many shops they get to know about the stealing only because of CCTV’s.

Mi CCTV camera has great features which are a great security camera you will have 1080p full HD pictures that in most of the cameras you don’t get.

They have all 360-degree vision which lets a single camera cover a lot of areas so don’t need to invest in a lot of other cameras.

Also, they have the ability to provide a clear image in the night with the help of infrared night vision.

They just don’t rotate in a fixed direction; they can even detect the motion as they have AI-powered motion detectors.

And also they provide a 2-way audio feature so that you can talk to the other person with proper safety.

Mi LED TV (4K HDR Smart TV)

 led TV

The world is moving toward web series and awesome movies produced by OOT segment business Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others.

So companies get things very early and that’s why with smart TV’s you will get in to build these OTT Applications.

So now you should focus on some different features which earlier people did not give much attention to.

Here are some great features of mi TV that will make you buy this awesome product.

You will get 65 inches 4K full HDR screen which will give you a great experience as today most of the content is in 4K and to enjoy that you need a 4K screen and it will give you that.

A 20W Dolby speaker which gives you a great sound experience off the lights at night and on the show you will feel like in the movie auditorium.

You will also get more than 15 different inbuilt content partners so that you can see some great shows.

You can also use your voice for the instruction as they have inbuilt Google Assistance on the TV.

And last but not least awesome design, great metal design that you will love to fix in your wall.

So these are some great mi products if have any do share your experience with us or if you have any question regarding the products feel free to ask in the comment section.

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