WhatsApp Aero v8.95 Download Latest Version Download (Anti-ban 2021)

In the previous article, we have discussed OG Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp that are modified versions of Official Whatsapp. In this article, we are going to cover one more interesting and amazing modified version of the original Whatsapp that helps you with better communication. The Application is Whatsapp Aero with the latest version v8.95 Anti-Ban 201.

This article will tell you all about Aero Whatsapp APK so, keep reading this well-researched article till the end before use this application.

Overview Of Aero Whatsapp APK

This application is developed by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar with the interest of his excellent codding skills and creativity. 

It has amazing theming and performance. This application is developed on the basis of the WhatsApp version of FaudMakdadand.

VersionWhatsApp Aero v8.95
Size68 MB
Requirement4.0+ for Android
Updated DateDec 08, 2021

What Are The Features Of Whatsapp Aero APK?

The features of the Aero Whatsapp are similar to Fouad mods, but yet this app has fewer bugs and errors and all features work fantastic. 

The new eye-catching user interference of this application is also amazing. Let’s understand the feature of Whatsapp Aero 

Themes In Whatsapp Aero

Nowadays, users want new user interference with various choices. The developer of this app added various themes of FoudMakdad’s and YoWhatsapp’s versions. 

If you are going to use this application you can use thousands of themes. If we talk about the number of themes available in Aero Whatsapp then the number is more than 3000. 

You Can Customise Home Screen

Yes, you can definitely customize Home Screen by selecting different styles available in this app. You are free to choose your home screen that pleasing to your eyes and according to your desire. There are 14 different types of styles available to set on your home screen that is mention below.

WA-AERO (Default)





NL Mods



Prime V1 to V6F

Turn Off The Internet

This application has a DND mode, which allows the user to save their internet data.

Image Sharing

Aero Whatsapp is a good application for sharing 10+ images in a single message. That saves users time to send photos in bulk.

Limit Of Video

It is difficult to send higher MB videos in official Whatsapp. If you want to send a higher MB video in Original or official Whatsapp so you have to trim it or compressed the video. When you compress the video the low quality of video sometimes frustrates the receiver. But in Whatsapp Aero, you can easily send the video with a length of 100MB.

Back-Up Automatically

Data is very important for any user nowadays and always needs to backup it. So, Now don’t worry about your data for backup manually because Aero Whatsapp APK also gives you a feature of backup your data automatically. 

Proximity Sensor

This application gives you the freedom to enable and disable the proximity sensor.

Send HD Images

As we know official application compresses the images while we send to others but this app gives you a feature to send full resolution images without any compress of the HD images.

Set A Password

With the help of this application, you can set a password and secure your chats and data from others.

Hide Any Media

This app also helps you to hide your all media like your private picture, videos, gifs, and many more from the gallery.

WhatsApp Call

If someone is calling you again and again on Whatsapp so, this application will help you block the calling option for a particular user. Aero Whatsapp gives this feature that gives you a more desirable option to run this app.

Hide The Tick

As we all know if we send any message to others, if the receiver is not online the ticks will be in a single tick, if he/she received the message then the tick will be double and if the receiver read our message then the double tick will be turn into the blue tick.

But now with the help of Aero Whatsapp, the receiver read the message and the tick will be shown single because this application has a unique and interesting feature to hide the ticks.


Aero Whatsapp gives you a feature of various types of emojis that make your conversation interesting and effective. You can use the emoji of different platforms like Facebook.


As we all know time is very important nowadays and sometimes we forget to give a reply then now don’t worry this app is giving you a feature of auto-reply now you can set an auto-reply message.

This option is also available in the original WhatsApp business but Aero WhatsApp gives this function in one app.

Schedule Messages

Aero Whatsapp also gives you amazing and important features to its user to schedule a message.

Now, you don’t need to wake up till 12 Am to wishing your friends and family member via message because you can schedule a message for the person by doing some easy steps.

This function is also very helpful for those who forget a special date like a birthday and anniversary.

Add Instagram Style Stories 

You can easily add Instagram style stories to your Aero Whatsapp status. We have seen many people take a screenshot from Instagram and put on Instagram now you can do it directly with the help of Aero Whatsapp and save you time for editing the picture to put on your Status from Instagram.

How Can I Install The Aero WhatsApp APK?

you can install this app by following some very easy steps but before this, you need some things and which are

  1. Computer, Laptop or Tablet anyone from this.
  1. Internet connection
  1. Android Mobile
  1. Aero Whatsapp Setup
  1. USB Cord.

Now, let’s understand the process to install this amazing application on your android device:

Step:1 Open your laptop/computer/tablet/Mobile and connect with a good internet connection.

Step:2 Then open any web browser install on your device and go to the google.com

Step:3 Now, search for the Aero Whatsapp Download the latest version query on google.com.

Step:4 select the query result from any website and download the Aero WhatsApp from the selected 3rd party website.

Step:5 If you have downloaded the app on your laptop or pc then transfer this app to your android phone with the help of a USB cord.

Step:6 Now go to your file manager and select the app and click on the installation icon to install the app. It will take some time to install the application so, wait for some time.

Step: 7 If you want to back up the data from the original app then backup your full data and uninstall the original application.

Step: 8 All backup data copy in the newly downloaded and Installed app Aero WhatsApp and enjoy the latest feature of this amazing application.

Should I Use Aero Whatsapp APK or Is Aero Whatsapp Legal To Use?

First thing is that this application is not available on the play store that always arises questions for the security to use this application.

But you can not say this application is legal or illegal because this application falls in the grey list of the law.

But the official or original Whatsapp application team said that this is an illegal app. Although till now no case is seen to trouble by using this application. 

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